Create Dummy Bot Nerf

The first version of the new command “Create Dummy Bot” on the PTR allowed for a basically infinite amount of dummy bots to be created. Now, they nerfed it by making the action follow the rule of only 12 players per game. Which means that if you have 12 players in a game already, no dummy bots can be created, and any dummy bots that were there get deleted.

Please make some way to have more than 12 “players” per game.

With the original version, I could implement so many cool game modes and hero ideas that were impossible or impractical up to now. For example, a hero that uses holographic projections to “duplicate” team members. Or, a game mode where you every ability you have is a random ability from a different hero. The original Create Dummy Bot allowed for both this hero idea and game mode to be practical to implement, plus a whole lot more.

Dummy Bots aren’t actually players, and really shouldn’t contribute to the total player count. At least, there should be a way to create a dummy bot that doesn’t.

Please make a way to create dummy bots that can be controlled through rules that don’t have to adhere to the 12 player limit. It would make so many more things possible. Thank you.


Blizzard, need this fixed…