Critical bug with Match Timer in Mode Liquidation

In the browser game in mode Liquidation you have settings from overwatch and there is a setting about match timer that have limited to 300 seconds.
This setting broke in script action about “pause/unpause/set match timer”.
If I use pause/unpause it will return the timer again to number in settings mode overwatch(kind of a refresh timer from beginning).
If I use “set match timer” it will set time that i put but in the next moment it will return timer to the number in settings mode overwatch.
Why this is a problem:
Because it’s impossible to control in this mode, match timer, in some modes we need an option to pause/unpause the timer and don’t refresh him, also we should have the possibility to set match time make it’s less or much more than the standard limit 300 seconds.
How it should work:
1)Like in other modes, when you “pause/unpause match timer” it will keep going from the moment when it stoped.
2)When you use “set match time” it should SET it to the new number/value that putted in this action.

Hey klinok,

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thanks, add there topic but they move me to workshop topic…