Cross platform play?


I hope that one day, Blizzard will be able to make Overwatch cross-platform compatible. I have friends that cannot afford PC like me and they have XBOX or Playstation instead. But I have neither of them and I do not feel like buying a console and another copy of the game just to play with them. I can’t anyway since I can’t afford it. Anyways I just thought it would be very nice and polite of the devs to actually put some effort into a cross-platform update.


Not gonna happen. FPS games are designed with mouse and keyboard in mind. Sure, you can use joypad, but you’d be putting yourself in a disavantageous position.
There’s no reason to do something like that.


Except more popular games have stuff like that. An example, sadly, being Fortnite.
Oh and that blizzard is already attempting it. I would post links for sources but the forums wont let me.


Fortnite is irrelevant, always has been always will be whenever that’s brought up in an argument.

Why? Because they are an outlier, a speciality not the norm. They own the engine they play on and many other games use, not to mention rake in the profits. Console companies pretty much are very limited in what they can say you can/can’t do this

Nobody else gets that position.

And yes, console users would get shafted on regularly. Look at the complaints about console m/kb users right now and you’re not even facing us in every game


Fortnite isnt even close to overatch.
Best they can do is make it so you need one copy of the game to play on all platforms, and id like that.
Xbox and PC players aren’t at the same level thanks to M&K and on top of that the console game is balanced differently.