Dealing with shielded Bastion


How to do it with the current balance? And (I may be asking a lot here) preferably something that doesn’t require perfect team synchronization.

At the moment I can only think of EMP.


Video posted on Jan 17, 2019 so its not outdated.

You just need to work with your team, There is no solo pick that can counter Bastion alone when his protected by his team (since ofc its 1 vs a team), and if there was, that hero will need to be OP.
I use Hanzo with a Pharah or Junkrat and it works out. Just geta Zarya and Rine on your taem as well because of the ult/teamfighting power Dva is nice vs Bastion as well but i dont enjoy her teamfighting/ult game.
On top of that next pathc armor is weaker, Bastion has 100 armor hp, the tanks that are deffing him are mostly armor based (-Zarya if shes runned) so it will get better soon.


Ignore any “new” ideas about it; here’s what has always worked:

  1. Walk up behind Bastion.
  2. Shoot him until he dies.

This game has endless flanking routes, you really don’t need a guide for this. Stop funnelling into choke points or you will be punished for it. You don’t need perfect sync, you need to stop feeding the Bastion more delicious ult charge and adapt the first time you see him in the kill feed.


With high mobility comp, bastion can focus only one target, so if you move in different directions, when bastion will focus the winston/wrecking ball you have to concentrate the damage on him from different sides. Best hero for destroying bastion is HANZO.

Don’t play with slow comp against bastion because it’s the first step for feeding his kills