Dear overwatch developers I have a few small complaints


first can U bring back torb old ult back? I dont care if I am the only one who plays the old torb. I wanna play the good old torb . I dont care if every body wanna play the new . as long as I play the old torb I am happy .second I Just played won comp game with symetra with 4 gold medals,79% of kill participant and 25k damage and only got 8 sr?? . Fix ur games please .thanks


I see where youre coming from. They made new torb so it could work better in a comp like combination with with zarya or rein, but I don’t like it. New torb all you do is just hold your goo and let your lava and turret do all the work. Old torb made it so you could make the fight interesting, new torbs goo just makes the enemy run away and it’s not even a fight. If you’re gonna talk about problems with sym I think they need to either take away the slow down effects or reduce the damage by alot. And if you wanna talk about more problems of the game go onto talking about brig, Moria and mercy whilst your at it my friend


here is unpopular opinion brig and moira were balanced since the day they came to overwatch the problem that people dont try out the heros them self they only listen to streamers , I haven’t seen any body whining about bastion when they made him a sniper!! . what about widowmaker one shot kill people or what about the new reaper


New reaper isn’t out yet, you’ll hear about it soon enough. Bastion relies on his team mates a lot, so when his team isn’t working around him, he sucks. Widow is far harder to get one shot kills than say, Hanzo so not sure your point here.


remeber one brig did 150 damage when using all her abilites (short rang) but widow maker dose 350 from all ranges thats not op what a joke


Yeah about that, there’s the thing called AIM, and unlike brig where you could W+M1 all game and get gold heal+kills, widow actually needs skill to hit targets,
plus widow is one of the easiest heroes to kill


She can still be countered easily by keeping distance. However, it was the only strategy. She lacks counter play, making her stale to fight against and if you don’t know how to counter her, you are most likely screwed.


With the difference that brig makes your team crazy strong with her armor and burst heal.

Widow does nothing unless she hits and kills the enemies on her own.


I’ll contest this. Bastion does rely on SOME cooperation but it is down to the player just as much. I have carried my team a lot with him - though I am only in bronze.


I’m not at all shaming you for being in bronze. Bastion carries in Bronze, because most players don’t know what to with him. When you get higher in rank, bastion absolutely relies on your team.


I agree with that. From Plat up, I hear he isn’t very playable. Jeff said he is next in line for a rework… which actually scares me.


I’ve played both Moira and brig in comp and I realise how stupid they are as heroes. Moira hard counters genji, pharah and other heroes in certain maps since they cant really get out of range, her range is too long, she can take away health and heal herself, its unlimited and it does too much damage since it has those factors above. Brig is supposed to be a secondary healer, but it’s funny that it’s just baby rein and torbs old ability fixed together and you call that a healer :joy:, she is another hard counter to genji, tracer and other mobile heores. We have already got alot of stun heroes like mcree and ana, but brigs stun requires no skill it can go through genjis deflect and we have already enough counters to genji as it is. I’ve played these heroes and all this does is force the enemy team to copy the composition or run goats, which Overwatch is trying to avoid but they are dumb as hell since they added in Moira and brig. I was a high diamond back in the seasons before Moira and brig, but until they came along the only way you could really kill them is nanoblade, and even then it’s too overpowering and putting him on the bench. There is no balance in Moira and brig, idk how many seasons you’ve been in but if you’re not a real og player then you won’t know what overwatch really is all about