Defense Matrix – SMS Protect Update with Prepaid Phones

Since introducing Defense Matrix, our new initiative to stop disruptive players in Overwatch 2, we’ve successfully taken action on thousands of accounts that we’ve found to violate the Blizzard In-Game Code of Conduct.

We have continued to listen to player feedback and evaluate our barriers of entry that can prevent players from being able to join. As a result, we’re making a new change to our SMS Protect Requirements to play Overwatch 2 starting with today’s patch. Effective immediately, anyone with an eligible prepaid phone can now register their number on their account and play Overwatch 2.

This change doesn’t affect any current Overwatch 2 accounts, regardless if they have SMS Protect or are exempt because they own a previous Overwatch game license. Players can register their phone numbers at Here are a few questions to help determine if your phone number is eligible to play.

Q. Does any prepaid service now work to play Overwatch 2?
A. No. While we expect most prepaid service plans to be now eligible, mobile carriers sometimes define their plans differently.

Q. Do any VOIP, WiFi, text-only, or internet phone services work?
A. We do not support any of these services to register for SMS protect.

Q. Can I assign a single phone to multiple accounts?
A. No, we still require each phone number to be linked to a single BattleNet account.

Q. What if I have an eligible carrier or plan, and my phone number is still not working?
A. Your phone number could be registered on another account, or your phone number may be ineligible because it came from a previous phone plan that is still not eligible to be used.

Q. What if I am an Overwatch player who has not started playing Overwatch 2? Do I now need to register a phone number?
A. if you previously played Overwatch, you may now play Overwatch 2 without an eligible SMS on your account.

Q. What if I have another question about SMS Protect?
A. Check out our official support article for information about registering your phone number on your account.

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