Desktop shortcut with battlenet://Pro doesn't launch game any more

Having to launch Overwatch through the battlenet app is extremely annoying, so what I (and many others do) is create a desktop shortcut directed to ‘battlenet://Pro’, and that launches the game while simultaneously grabbing the session info from the battlenet app, so you don’t have to type in your login details in-game.

However, as of recently, this no longer works. Instead, it just makes my computer fans whir up a little, and then does nothing. Every single time I do this, and then look in the battlenet app, it says that Overwatch has an update (no matter how frequently).

Either Blizzard has some serious ego issues and wants absolutely everyone to launch their game through the stupid launcher, or this is just an extremely silly bug.


Yes, this is exactly what we want and encourage.

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Horrible Decision, Blizzard. Annoying & Inconvenient AF. Literally Every other Game Platform allows direct Launching of Games through the Windows File System. This is intentional failure by design and cripples user choice.


Please, keep in mind this is the technical support forum. It’s aimed at helping users with issues related with performance, connection, installation/updates, etc. We can’t really modify things about the game or how it works, nor are we involved at all in the development process.

If you feel something should be changed, the best thing to do would be writing about it in the General forum. That way you can discuss it with other players, and our community team can report the general sentiment back to the development team.

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I kinda hate opening the battlenet launcher to launch my games. I’ve tried it for years. 110% rather just have the game icon on my desktop. Anyway to do this @Customer Support?


Hey StevanSmurf,

Generally it is advised not to re-open or “necro” a thread as old as this, as after such a long time previously discussed topics or suggestions may no longer be relevant, so in the future can you consider instead creating a new topic on the forums.

In this case, the Desktop App is used to handle all game patching and authentication when logging in, so it’s strongly advised to use this to access our games, and we’re not able to assist you in bypassing this, and it may just be easier if you have Launch when you start your computer enabled in the App settings.

They want you to look at the ads in the launcher.

I am honestly shocked they didn’t ruin WC3 by ramming in-game advertisements in-game to increase recurrent user spending. They restrained themselves enough to only add a menu button for skins.

I remember the days when you bought a game and it was just the game as a pure artform (Diablo 2, SC:BW, etc). Now they can’t help but slip in eyesores into the beautiful art they create in hopes of potential future revenue.

We pay for these games. A toggle switch to remove all adverts, and launchers is the least they could do for their customers that just want to enjoy their games as art free of the eyesores and clutter.

But the dollar corrupts absolutely. I expect things to get worse.


Blizzard are just corrupt and are not the company we remember from years ago. They are even worse than their holding company.

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Did you find a way to fixed it cause i looked up every indian guy on youtube but none of it works and theres know way to contact blizzard exept from posting on a forum… My battlenet app wont load and only appears stuck on the toolbar while doing a game download. I cant even re download the stupid app cause it always fails because of a network error when everything is fine. Does anyone have tips or tricks on what to do.

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Preventing people from launching the game directly, something we were able to do since the beginning of PC gaming, is a great statement about corporate greed and anti-gamer sentiment present at Blizzard today.