Developer Update from Aaron Keller

Developer Update from Aaron Keller

Game Director Aaron Keller reflects on Season 2 and hints at updates coming to Overwatch 2

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This is just fluff.

We’re thinking about this. We’re going to do that. We hear this and that. Eventually we’ll think about maybe implementing a system by where we can more effectively think about listening to these things with a view to maybe doing that further down the line in season ten-thousand, nine-hundred and sixty two.

There was literally no point to this vacuous, boring post. :confused:


Just play and have fun then.

Or don’t play and have fun doing what ever you do.

Stop worrying about what may or may not happen, it’s a casual game. It really doesn’t matter what they promise or claim. You just play what’s in front of you.

But this is the issue they have with the community. The community asks for more communication. When they give more, people like yourself give them grief for it. They can’t win.

We’ve gotten feedback from players that the game doesn’t feel rewarding enough to play and that players can’t earn the items they want in a SHORT ENOUGH period of time.

Okay, I’m glad that this is getting addressed, BUT:

Lets take a step back, and please explain it to me, how 8 MONTHS for a single legendary skin is “short”. The 60 coin weekly cap makes trying to earn anything straight up unfathomable.

If I would like to unlock at least 1 skin of my choice for each hero without spending my entire life-savings on the game, I’d need to play the game for HUNDREDS of years. That is a soul-crushing thought and makes me want to just drop the game entirely.

I really hope this “fix” won’t be just some weak fake-out like "reducing the price of skins to “1000 coin” ". The general everyday reward needs to be addressed, the cap on the amount of earnable coins needs to be gone or we need other ways to earn the skins we actually want and not just during events but every normal day we spend playing the game.


Because they can put whatever price they like on items they are selling… Just like any high street shop.

And just like any high street shop, if it’s too expensive for you, you walk away and go elsewhere.

(Yes, I agree the prices are too high, but people are buying them so it’ll never truly change)

The other tip I guess would be, stop playing games because of cosmetics. If that’s your complaint, the game must be fine.

told you I have you muted, dunno what you responded to me and I will not read it cuz I bet its still just trying to police what people are allowed to complain about like a little self-rightous prick


“The new Ranked mode suffered from poor comprehension”

This is laughable. We don’t recognise your complaints as the problem is you dont understand how it works.

Oh Boy😂


Yep agreed, it’s a fluff post, and exactly to your word:

May as well just either left a note saying dev updates coming next week, or nothing at all.


I’ve said before, the system is terribly displayed and terribly explained. So it’s good to see them recognise that.

The underlying system is basically the same as OW1 so they know it works well enough.

Please don’t waste my time with empty bs articles, thank you.

After this explanation of why they NOT nerfed her (and funningly enough still not nerfed properly) I’ve lost any trust left I had. “Sojourn struggles in lower elos or she doesn’t get picked at all” well duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh people in lower elo till like mid diamond and lower, can’t aim for :poop: , that’s why she doesn’t get picked and if so they just get rolled by some random junkrat or reaper cause (you guessed right) they can’t aim, their positioning is :poop: and they don’t have mercies, cause supports in low elo are either ultra bad anyway or/and don’t trust random dps in their sr environment to perform. If you happen to see a mercy below diamond she is probably getting boosted by someone.