Did O.W balance team play the game? I dont think so!(REAPER)


I DONT THINK O.W balance team play the game… i think they have the wrong job in blizzard… its unhuman how overpower reaper is and is still in the game! its almost a crime… everygame have reaper mei or symmetra… or you lose… froom alll the dps!!! how is that balance? WHY they tread us like this? we are clients and they toorture us!!they will come after 3 months and they will say 'we see repaer is a little much stronger than we wanted to be so we nerf him a little bid!! YES THANK YOU VERY MUCH EVERY NOOB NOW IS A PRO WITH REAPER!! skill players lost everything and unskill player reward with a win!!! you know why?? the easiest heroes have the strongest abilitys!!! I really think is a crime that reaper is in the game with such a power!!! you can say below that you can counter him!! i agree… with 2 heroes out of 30… is this a counter??? no!!! He can outplay without skills every single of the heroes in this game!!! Its too late for me!!! i feel really bad about this company!!! its 2019 every month make balance changes and nothing for the most redicoulus heroe in the history of gaming!!! GOOD JOB!! You have to remove reaper until you fix it(LIKE RAINBOW SIX DID RECENTLY WITH BROKEN OPERATORS)!! WE DONT HAVE TO SUFFER LIKE THIS BECAUSE YOU GUYS SLEEPING…!!!


We asked a hundred people; “Who counters Mei, Reaper and Symmetra?”


Our survey said!..


Mcree. Monkey. Sombra. Phara. Ashe. Widowmaker. Hanzo. Mei (ironically) even junkrat can ruin a reaper or meis day because they need to get close and junkrat is not a hero you want to get close to


there is a lot ZERO skill heros. reaper is one of them. even idiot can play reaper


its cancer if your doing solo queue on tank sigh


Did you really just mention WINSTON as a ‘counter’? What the hell…
If there is a character Reaper is an assblaster against it’s the monkey man himself.


Monkey counters sym nothing more nothing less


you seriously think reaper is op?
he finally got quite useful sins season 3 I guess
till now reaper was almost trash in competition
and even now any ranged hero can be counter for reaper


Sigma is actually pretty damn good against him. Reaper’s hit box is simply too big, you cant miss him.


Posted by a person with a Mercy avatar. The irony did not escape me.


Mercy isn’t a zero skill hero


PhArAh CoUnTeRs DeM HeRoEs


And silver LUL.


Do you even play comp?




Yeah reaper is not OP.


Please remember that we long rank chaps, don’t have the ability to land our shots often.


this is the part where you get flagged.


Its not about countering reaper, its about countering double shield.


Unfortunately Overwatch is the type of game where constant buffs/nerfs are seen as a good thing by the developers, which is sad because we will never have a truly stable game like how Quake or BF is. Where you find the sweet spot for characters and then just leave them and let the players skill do the rest. With Overwatch every couple of months is an opportunity for Blizzard to show they are busy working, when they really don’t need to. I’m not saying all 30 heroes can be perfectly balanced by the click of a finger, far from it. But this habit of changing heroes when they really don’t need to be changed, combined with some questionable reworks, it just loses player trust in anything balanced and stable long term. I mean, 3 years on and the balance of the game still feels up in air, but the saddest part like I said is that they think it’s a good thing and that they’re staying busy and being active, when from a player’s pov I see it totally different. Every time something become meta, people moan and x number of heroes get nerfed. It will never reach a place where things are just left alone because the numbers all across the board make sense and just like Quake, player skill talks, like a game of poker, it’s me vs you, the house just deals the cards. With Overwatch it feels like roulette, it can go either way, good or bad, you never know, and if you think you do know, get ready for things to change next patch and then you have to unknow what you know and start learning new mechanics and abilities. While I can think of worse examples, my own main Zarya is one example of a perfect hero changed and tampered with for no good reason, simply as a result of their own bad balancing in season 10. I intentionally wrote this as a wall of text with no paragraphs to emphasize my objection to this sinful balance dogma. It needs to change.