Director's Take - Mapping Out the Future

Director's Take - Mapping Out the Future

Game Director Aaron Keller talks about Maps, Map Pools, and upcoming changes in your favorite battlegrounds in Overwatch

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Getting rid of map pools is excellent news.

Don’t understand why it can’t happen immediately/with Season 3 though…

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So many good news in this article.
Thank you for getting rid of the map pools, when you start reachind over 20 maps for every mode you can think of it again.

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The transparency and response to player feedback is great to see.

Now gimme my loot boxes. :smile:

Genuinely will never happen.

Hopefully season 3 is good .first two seasons were pretty lackluster

They are releasing a “trailer” within the next hour or so. Hopefully it just has Sojourn Hog and Mercy buried into the ground lol.

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Yeah battle mercy and that hog hook is pain in the ass

Mercy is a big issue for the game, and every time there is a DPS that is even remotely strong… she is there, taking the numbers over a break point.

She is far too popular a hero for them to massively rework. But I always run with the theory of either/or.

She can either hard pocket people and have that utility… or have the mobility to never be killed.

Another one is Suzu… Why can that do 3 things. cleanse, immortality, boop… it just needs to do 1 and 1 only. But this is the problem devs have, they want to make heroes be able to do many things, when the best designed heroes can only do a certain thing.

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  • The health totals for all tanks will be lower when playing any game mode that does not have a role queue to address the relative power of those heroes in game modes where there can be multiple of the same hero on the same team. Health totals will remain the same for tanks when playing any Role Queue enabled game.
  • Maximum ultimate charge retained when swapping heroes is reduced from 30 to 25%.
  • Mercy is receiving nerfs, and most supports have received minor balance changes.
  • Damaging enemies with Rammatra’s ultimate now slows the duration timer down instead of pausing it entirely.

It is hidden in there. Fingers crossed.

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Looks very promising