Disconnecting in hero select screen


This has happened to me quite many times now, cus my internet is pretty unstable sometimes. So I disconnect on hero select screen and join back within the 10 seconds that the game has untill it will be canceled, the game still cancels, I get a ban and loose 50mmr. Why the game wont just let me join back in and let the game continue if i join back within the 10 seconds? Its pretty damn stupid that if u dc, u just get banned and loose mmr. This should be fixed…


Its a hot topic since it would be awesome to have the possibility to rejoin, we can’t forget any possibilities to abuse. There is no room for exploits. But i think waiting like 10-30sec and recheck if the missing player has returned, then continue. Or cancel.

And display a message to the dc’d player that he should make sure his network gets stable.

As said its a hot topic :fire:


What kind of hot topic, if it’s in acceptable time range (10-20s) I should just get reconnected. Not that game logs me off and also forces client logout, it can’t get back while other sites are running for 30 seconds already and than even if you re-join, you lose 50 same like you would just rage quit?