Disconnecting using firewall

Greeting everyone,
Since S3 started I didn’t have any issues regarding my connection but yesterday I start to get disconnected the whole time. I don’t know what is the solution i tried whatever blizzard posted on their technical support site but it didn’t work and now I got band. I use a firewall to block Middle East servers because the queue time is long … one hour and sometime more. I use the same IP block as everyone who uses a firewall in the middle east.

I played in middle east server. same issue


Same issue here, Been playing Overwatch since Overwatch one and in the past had minor issues but nothing to bad. At around the start of the third season however I’m lucky to get though 10mins without being kicked out the game. There’s no warning or lag, just suddenly back at the main screen. It’s happening so often they I can’t get though the battle pass that I’ve paid for now recently got a warning about leaving to often. You can imagen the frustration when your in the heat of battle and then ,poof, main screen…again.

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