Disconnects are getting insane

I got 7 disconnects (2 on me and 5 on other people) in 3 hours of playing. I am not talking about leavers, got 3 in addition but pure disconnects where we actually were about to win the game. Please fix your issues because this is a lot. I checked my internet and it is very stable.

Yep I’ve just had 2 disconnects over 3 matches (other players, not me).
It’s pretty stupid now. You would of thought that Blizzard would sort out this game or their servers. This is indi development level effort we’re seeing here.

Wish they would fix the issue once and for all, or nullify the match result.

The game isn’t at fault.
And they don’t own the servers.

Most of the time is it user end anyways.

There was some maintanance on the servers yesterday, but i had no disconnects.

I’ve just had another user disconnect over two matches.

Unsure if the server issues are still going on, but the game has been good for the past few weeks, and now its gone back to their careless Overwatch 1 days where every other game has a leaver in it.

Maybe it’s a problem with the specific server you’re playing on? I’ve only had 5 or so instances of leavers in my games and all of them clearly intentional (right after a failed ult or something similar)

I’m on the EU region, I didn’t think there was a select a specific server?

There are 2 main ones

CDG (Paris) and AMS (Amsterdam)

There is also the option to pick a Finland one and I think 1 other in custom games.

I’m guessing these are just managed by the game (not optional to the user) which selects the best/next best available server at the point you ask it to find a match?

Yes. You will get the closest available to you, dependant on who is in your stack. But occasionally servers are switched off briefly for updates and stuff so that it why occasionally you might get the ME or East Coast US servers.

If you press Ctrl+Shift+N you can see what server you are on (top left).

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I didn’t know finland had a server, that’s pretty cool. Might also explain why i only have finns in some of my games XD

Never knew that, thank you. Just had an AMS server, and no disconnects.

I am not sure it is used for regular matches… At least I’ve not seen it.

Usually get CDG, AMS or ORD1.

But I have used it in custom lobbies.

Servers are basically living, breathing, entities. They will have hiccups and drops from time to time. But, most of the issues come from a small break in communication from the users end. But people will always, without fail, blame the server. Even when there is maintenance, it will be on say AMS… So you will play CDG instead, or move to the US servers for a bit.

I think they are doing it intentionally in order to force people to play their game. It is typically blizzard nature.

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How would disconnecting people make anyone want to play their game? It’s not a very good business model.

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Especially when they don’t even own the servers

Ranking up is slower and people play more. They do not own the servers, that is correct but they setup the configuration. Nothing wrong with Amazon servers or whatever the provider is. The only wrong thing is blizzards, they obviously are not capable to fix bugs easily. Considering the fact their average salary, I am not surprised though. When you pay for trash, you get it.

It is a nice theory. But falls apart pretty quickly.

Occasionally an in-game issue causes the game to end, sometimes a server will crash.

If a single player, or even 2 players leave a game that isn’t a server issue. If it was server, everyone would leave. Running some diagnostics would discover the issue (rather than blindly blaming things, it is easier to blame someone else I know). Most of the times it’s just the user having a small drop out in connection and the server kicking them for it.

Not sure what salaries have to do with it, the servers are external.

Disconnecting during comp games will lead to being banned, making climbing ranks impossible. As i said, it wouldn’t make sense for blizzard to be knowingly causing this.

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