Do Tanks need to counter swap or is it a skill issue

I understand its a skill issue and you can one trick a hero to top500 but overall it feels like pure hell playing against hanzo/soldier 76 or bastion when i’m trying to main winston. So at that point i get tilted and go either roadhog or sigma for an ego boost so i can win that particular game as i feel the dps kill me in 0.1 seconds. Nothing feels better than killing hanzo/soldier 76/ana or zen mains on roadhog, feels like payback if you ask me.

Should i A) pretend like counter swapping doesn’t exist on tank and onetrick a hero like winston. B) counter swap the other tank or C) play whatever tank that can kill hanzo mains as they’re dirty scum. I have a vendetta on hanzo mains as yall kill me on support everygame so nothing feels better than kicking you butt when playing tank.

But on a serious note, what should i focus on when trying to improve on tank? Just except the enemy will try and counter me and adapt my playstyle and learn from that game to improve my winston gameplay in the long run?

You don’t NEED to.

But people have got it into their heads that certain things hard counter others. And can’t play their way round that.

For me, it comes down to a simple question… Are you a tank main or a hero main

If you’re a tank main, you should be playing whatever is needed to win. Including counter swapping if necessary.

If you’re a hero main, you should be doing everything you can on that hero to win.

For me, the later is more satisfying. Playing Ball and beating a tilted team that’s swapped to Sombra Hog Cass… Far more rewarding than swapping to counter and being bored.

What you have to remember, it’s a game. Play what you enjoy. The world isn’t going to end if you lose.