Does Blizzard still notify you when your player report led to suspension or ban?

I haven’t got a single notification in OW2, saying that my reports led to suspensions or bans.
Does anyone get them or did Blizzard stop sending them?

Yes they do. I just got a few notifications the day before that action was taken against a player.

The system that notifies us has been bugged before, so who knows if there are more bugs in it or not. But the notificatipns should still appear.

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I have reported many obvious aim hackers and proper smurfs in comp, where I even have screenshots of players admitting it and making fun out of others with it.
But no notifications yet.

Perhaps they don’t care about smurfs and hackers anymore.

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Or there haven’t been enough reports of the person to take action.

I don’t know how many reports there needs to be before action is taken, but i would guess more than a hundred.

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More than 100 sounds like a lot

Indeed. But it stops people getting “falsely banned because someone mass reported them”.

That isn’t a thing because of number of reports and number of games required.

Yes that is still a thing.

I am very aware of my own lack of skill and time to play, but i report every Toxic Player i encounter.

Due to the limited time Window (Weekend Nights only) and my Rank (bouncing between G3 & P3) i get alot of those Players who instantly blame everyone without even pushing TAB or even thinking once.
And therefore atleast 2 “Thank you for Reporting” Notifications everytime i login.

GL & HF Gamer !
It still works, and if its only that “the Person” cant flame the next Team for a week or so !

I’ve never understood why you need the notification… It doesn’t tell you who, so it’s utterly meaningless.

Unless it’s an ego thing…

It is partly reaffirmation that you weren’t the only one who found this person obnoxious. And to some it gives hope that perhaps one day the worst offenders would be gone.
The latter part worked a bit better when you had to pay for the game.

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Agreed. It’s good to see them actually taking action.
Everything hasn’t got to be about ego.

No, but needing to know someone’s been punished from your actions is purely an ego and thing. It’s a subconscious thing.

Haha! You were saying?
YOUR comments are nothing but ego boosters, making you feel cool in some way.
You must have some heavy IRL issues.

We all do things because of egos my dude. I just don’t need to be told “well done” by the game. If you need to be told you’ve done good, then that’s your issue to deal with.

Not sure your comment is anything other than tilt.

coming to this late af because i had a similar question. not that it rly matters but i do agree that VERY OFTEN humans do things to save and/or boost their own ego. that being said, there’s a difference between a straight ego boost: tearing someone down to make urself feel big in chat, using hacks to win/get big plays, etc., — and appreciating confirmation that a report actually went through. it IS more incentivizing to report abusive behavior when occasionally those reports are PROVEN to have been noticed versus an empty—ehhh idk if it does anything— report. just my 2 cents

Coming in way late to this too. However, for me. Nowhere near an ego boost, I just like the affirmation that these people can’t ruin my games anymore. The peace of mind that comes from that they can’t ruin my good time anymore.

They do notify when something happens, but that something could be anything between a warning and a ban.

Oh they can, and they will.
They just need to create a new account.

That’s the advice though from the leader of the OW Free Speech brigade. Have multiple accounts.