Does the ranking system understand leavers?

Something I’m curious about with the new ranking system, does it understand when people leave?

So, last night I had a game where, whilst we were winning against the enemy team, one of our DPS left/disconnected/their takeaway arrived. After that happened the tank wrote in chat “let’s just leave” and to the horror of me (Moira) and Mercy they all did, leaving just the two of us in the match which, of course, we lost because two healers isn’t enough (despite a stern effort lol)

This is just a general question, but do we know if the system understands that loss as being due to leavers? What do I mean by “understands that loss”? When it comes to your 7 wins and you’re reviewed, will the system recognise that there was a match were everyone/some people left and deliever a lesser penalty against your rank?

You could easily just take the loss and move on but in those situations where there was an entire round left to play, your going to die, you’ll not really produce any stats it can calculate against because the match is effectively compromised.

It’s a question that’s coming from a place of frustration, but that match was the first time I’ve seen an entire team leave for, seemingly no reason save one dps getting disconnected. What made this worse was that we were winning, there was no toxicity, everyone was on form…go figure.

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I don’t think if there is any clear information on that, but I would be highly surprised if that isn’t taken into account. It’s far more easier now with the more performance based ranking system, whereas the old system just counted that loss.

Probably a disconnect which started the chain reaction. I’ve had a few times where people would leave after the original leaver, and then the original reconnected.

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In short, yes.

Essentially if you have a leaver, your MMR isn’t impacted. So if you keep performing, even with a leaver, the game knows whats what.

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The system doesn’t give a st about leavers, it’s made by Blizzard after all. Have you ever seen them care about players?

? Why you so mad lol

Do you have a source for the MMR staying same though?

Yep, that’s why I said it isn’t my opinion, it comes directly from the source.

Very funny, quote it maybe? Otherwise it could just be random FUD. A quick search on reddit discussion on Comp leavers revealed no such thing as MMR staying unaffected so it seems you’re just making it up.

I did, the information I gave is a concise version of what was said.

Reddit… Lol

ok I think this cannot get any dumber after what you just said, time to close it.

Quoting the Devs is dumber than looking on Reddit?

That is a new one, but I get why you post what you post now.

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Except you didn’t quote.

Edit: Holy sss, I just remember you were that braindamaged guy someone called out in another thread. With the psycho issues that you NEED to keep posting bs pathologically or you feel bad or sth and I even fell for the bait here
Ok, I’m out, lol…

I did though. Just because you don’t agree/believe doesn’t mean it isn’t a quoted from them.

Hahaha showing your true colour, let the rage flow.

Seems fair tbh, it’s kinda what I was expecting. Personally, when I was reviewed I remained pretty much where I was, which was totally fine. Hopefully I won’t see too much of it but, hey, these things happen.

there’s been a few times where i’ve seen a full team leave just after losing 1 point and it shouldn’t count as a loss imo due to the fact that tm8s lost

Did you lose SR in OW1 in those cases? Yes you did. Most probably your MMR is also affected in OW2 too. I don’t believe Blizzard would make anything like that in favor of players.
This has been offered millions of times on various platforms here included. When you have a leaver from your team in comp, because there is no chance of a replacement, you shouldn’t lose SR/MMR but the winning team should get theirs.
But ofc since this is something that everyone would benefit from they didn’t implement it. Maybe they were ddos attacked just when they wanted to do it :slight_smile:

Yes and no.

You will lose SR when someone leaves in your team and you lose. You will gain SR when someone leaves in your enemy team and you win.

But here’s the kicker: If you never leave, the enemy team has 5 potential leavers while your team only has 4. So, assuming below-average leaving rates from you, your SR will increase from people leaving.

So… technically, if you want the system to calculate leavers into your SR… it’ll end up being lower.

I guess, if there will be no harder punishments, nothings gonna change. Blizzard Must punish leavers much harder in ranked. Something like 1 time left is as 3 or 4 times lost. Gonna be the only way to end this.

Lots of “leavers” - I dare say the majority - are being disconnected or experience a crash. If there ever will be a clear way of determining whether someone left on purpose or not, I’m all for higher punishments, but since that isn’t doable, just no.

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Dc happens to everyone, nothing u can do about it, to much players in the game, some of them playing trough WI-FI

I lost many games on this way but it is what is it like I said can’t do much about it.
I’m pretty sure Blizzard working on it to fix this