Doomfist ult needs a buff


Right I know a lot of people dislike Doomfist, but his ultimate is a joke. It can barely kill one person. I mainly use it to get high ground to set up for a slam, or to get away. Its all its good for now


I agree, I feel like they nerfed the wrong part of his kit. His ult was fine before in my opinion.


Nah his ult was still terrible before. It wasn’t as bad as it is now, but people used his ult, a dps’ ult, as a mobility ult, because it was actually that bad. Doomfist does need a buff but hes a black man being controlled by a group of white men, he has no say and he will be nerfed to the ground until he noclips through the map and falls out. I’m just joking about that of course, after all I’m a Lucio main and they seem to love me.


Not only his ult … The amount of times you COULD punish your enemy but can’t due ur lack of utility is insane.

You literally get punished for even trying to punish enemys, High risk low reward hero

Somehow still fun to play so ill keep playing him either way <3