Echo PTR nerfs good but not enough

Good to see Echo getting some nerfs but I still don’t think they are addressing the real issue…

Yes good that her obviously non intended super mobility was nerfed and good to see her sticky bombs getting some nerf but I still think her biggest issues are her “e” ability that will kill you in 1 second if you are below helath giving no chance for your healers to heal and therefore what’s the point of healers, and the fact that she just comes back at full hp when killed as the clone…

None of this was addressed in the enrfs and I don’t understand if Jeff is so petty that he’s purposely not doing what makes sense and most of the communitty agrees it makes sense…

You’ll have to get used to the way the Hero Design Team make OW heroes.

Everything basically comes out way overcooked and then gets nerfed when they reckon that people have stopped going:

“Oh, wow, a cool new hero that I feel really powerful on–I LOVE Overwatch! XOXOXOX!”

If they had the sense to slot heroes into the deck evenly to begin with, we wouldn’t have this Coronavirus, etc.

I don’t udnerstand how Corona virus is related to this BUT you are right, all the heroes come out like this, the only heroes that this didn’t happen in the last releases was Ashe and Hammond, eveyrone else was super OP and Echo is just disgustng… That “e” beam just makes healing pointless and that ult is literally she can ult and care not about consequences, trun into wahtever jsut get in ther elike crazy get 2 ults in 1’ seconds and beat everyone… even if you get killed it’s fine you come back as a fully hp character and just fly off… There 0 conseguences to missusing her ult -.-

Widow main complaining about being countered again… because she gets stuck with balls and nuked down before she can run away like a coward…

nothing to see here folks

and there are 0 consequences to missing a shot as widow, but she has a fully auto sniper rifle… shrugs

LMAO sure…

A lot of hate towards a hero but ok… But that’s exactly the problem echo just need sto right click to kill non tanks with no effort, and with the tanks just use your “e” after using right click and everyone is dead…

Echo is Overpowered and the only people taht say she isn’t are people taht want to paly her and make the game unfun for everyone…

P.S: about your passive agressive comment about widowmaker… I barely even play dps lool

justified hate but ok

but that’s exactly the problem with widow, she just needs to left click non tanks with no effort, and with tanks just keep left clicking after left clicking and everyone is dead

overpowered? no, shes flimsy, whats known as a “glass cannon” her hitbox is huge despite being slender, her flight means any hitscan can pick her out of the sky like phara, Widowmaker and snipers/marksmen like ashe and hanzo make the game unfun for everyone not playing snipers

yeah because you cant be bothered to wait the queue times, otherwise you would be nothing but widow, as per your QP statistics

at the end of the day, if you want ECHO nerfed, I want widowmaker to not be able to one shot kill anymore

LMAO I havent played Widowmaker in competitive, more than 1 or 2 games per season, since 2018, and that’s just to try adn counter phara XD that was just the first hero I played and then I realized I sucked and just don’t play her now. But I’m honored that I’m so important you take time to watch my stats to so much detail just to prove a wrong point :wink:

Also you say hitscans just need to left click? lol they actually have to aim… I was playing Echo on the PTR and was killing people with my right click I didn’t even know where in the game, just shoot them at a bundled group of enemies and youll kill someone.

The fact that you are comparing Echo to heroes that require a lot of mechanical skill to play hitscans jsut prooves this whole discussion is pointless…

And again, unlike what you see from looking at my stats, I don’t even play hitscan that much because i’m terrible at it and I actually want to win games lol

But I’m moving on from here because I see there’s no point in discussing with someone that is just salty they keep getting sniper beacsue they are always out of position. It happens to everyone dude it happens to me all the time when I play support just move on from it adn try to stay behind the shield next time.

barely, hitboxes in OW are notoriously forgiving

its the PTR, real life game enviroments are different, also… all heros just shoot a bunch of bundled group of enemys and kill someone

the fact you are comparing other heros to echo who requires more mechanical skill because of her mobility and projectile weapons requiring more “skill” to aim correctly just proves this whole discussion is pointless

yeah, shooting me through terrain and im “out of position”… right… snipers are c4ancer and they make all games unfun, because you cant use your hero to the best of their ability because you always have to sit behind a building/shield

then do the same with echo?.. don’t be out of position and you wont be nuked by the sticky’s or the beam… shrugs

I think a good Nerf to her would be to take the percentage of her health, that she possesses at the time of using her Ultimate, and carry it through to her copied form and then to her transformation back.

For example, some Echo has 150/200 Hp (75%), she Ults into Reinhardt having 375/500 Hp (Also 75%). And let say she finishes using her Ultimate with 150/500 Hp remaining (30%), she then transforms back into Echo with 60/200 Hp (30%).