Egirl gamer support main - please carry me out of gold <3


I have no friends who play Overwatch and I’ve been stuck in mid-high gold for forever solo-queueing and rarely getting matched with a team willing to talk in vc or use basic game logic. I’m a support/off tank main looking for a decent dps or aggressive tank player who can carry me out of gold hell and maybe be my friend ^~^


I know how it feels being stuck in gold. I am an offtank/main tank main so I am probably not the player u looking for :frowning:


hey, im a reinhardt main who plays pretty agressive, pretty decent on dps as reaper/junkrat/genji.
would be nice to have an support main to queue with.

my SR is about 2250 and peaked in 2400.
hope we can get in touch.


Hey add me and my girlfriend and I will queue up with you. We are both low plat but have peaked in mid diamond on our alts. We play aggro tank and dps. ChunkyCookie#11473


Hi, Im stuck in gold too, can play every role - add me Oscarmike#21539


hi we can do due que if u want :slight_smile: i am litte down at the momment but i will rank it up again :wink: my other account is platium if u intressted i can add you ? Greetins DarkSiZe