Eks dexdXdxD heheh


abc123 easy as 123, abc michal jaksun 5 bom!


blizzards answer = you guys have phones right?


Just stop leaving and wait till the match is over. After that, you will almost always get in a new game.


Yeah wait so you can lose for someone who left the match. Good award right there. Especially when it happens game after game. I mean who does not like cleaning someone else’ s mess?


Given the fact that the OTP’s main complaint is the XP penalty, staying in the game is the best option because you get a backfill bonus of 400XP, only 100XP less than a win.

So if you focus on XP farming, staying is the better option. If you aren’t bothered about XP farming, then why should you complain about the XP penalty in the first place?


Clicks quick play - gets into a match that’ll take a minute at worst - quits game


After that, joins another game, same thing happens 3 times losing 15 minutes including queue. Sorry I can’t seem to link gifs. Bad side of not bootlicking ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Too bad that this doesn’t happen if you stay in the game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Joins in a middle of the game, stays in the game for 400 XP, game restarts, joins at the beginning of a game plus 300 XP for free.

Gotta bootlick with some real arguments :wink:


You should change your name to fattybootlicker, it is amazing to see how someone bootlicks this much :rofl: I called guinness, they will add you to their world records book :joy:


Great ad hominem. Here, have a cookie :cookie:

Now, could you refute my argument please or is there actually nothing wrong with It?


Continuous leaving games - doesn’t just wait 1 minute


Seriously how much are they paying you :rofl:


Enough to do this:

Wanna refute any arguments now?


Doesn’t agree with someone - can’t argue why - “how much are they paying you”


There should be an option to NEVER join games in progress. I specifically remember Jeff saying they wanted people to play how they wanted to play - so either give us the option to not join them or suck it up and dont penalise the people that leave after joining it in progress.


Could be easily fixed with removing the leaver penalties if you leave after 5-10sec of joining.