EMEA Community Recall - Tournament Series

Hi everyone!

Antonio from EGL here, nice to e-meet you!

We at EGL are running a series of Community Recall tournaments, and you are more than invited to participate with your team!
The tournament is Blizzard-validated and open to any players within the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and North Africa). It awards €1,000 every two weeks to the community’s best players and also has a stream to it, showcasing both semi-finals and the finals.

The fourth tournament of the series is coming up this Saturday and you can still join it. You have all the information about the series and links to register on EGL’s homepage.

If you have any doubts, feel free to put them here and I’ll happily address them. See you competing!


Greetings @rAsti, does EMEA Community have a discord?

Hi! I’m not sure if there’s an official one for EMEA but at EGL’s one we have over 250 EMEA OW2 players.

Using this bump to announce that we have another tournament coming up on April 8th! Same deal, €1000 prize pool for top4 and semis and finals streamed at EGL’s Twitch channel.

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