EU coinflip problems and heroes beeing completly busted in high SR, but actually considered trolling in lower SR

Hi I just wanted to ask, if I am the only one seeing it this way. Over in NA you just have the “my team/their team had IDDQDS twin brother on hitscan we won/lost” coinflip, but over here in EU you have the voice coinflip aswell. For example people just throw their ultimates randomly around somewhere without any expression, like confetti at carnival, nor do most people speak with eachother AT ALL. So we have the IDDQD brother coinflip AND the voice coinflip, which (at almost season 30 and OW2 beeing on the horizon) not been talked about/taken action against once.

To the lower SR heroes (beeing bad/considered trolling), to beeing busted in high SR are Doom, Baptiste and Sombra.

In low SR (everything at/below masters) you can’t play Bap, cause everyone is running out of your lamp (1 ability already gone), spreading into different countries (right click healing gone) and your ult beeing completly useless (3rd ability ultimate useless) due to the lack of hitscans in this SR area.

Doom requires you not be a aimgod, but to have good understanding of the game/maps, how to escape and who to focus. The good thing about Doom is that he can just deletes 1 or both supports maybe even 1 dps aswell before biting the grass, which is easily a captured point on 2cp or a big %/cart push in HIGH SR. In low SR on the other hand, you literally have to kill the whole team 5-10 times withing 2 minutes to win a game basicially, or easier explained if you kill 1-3 people your team WILL NOT be able to capitalize on that 95% of the time.

And Sombra which I love the most, but beeing even worse than Baptiste in this SR area is just sad. Thanks to the “awesome” non excisting voice YOUR ultimate is completly useless, your hacking (rightclick) is completly useless without voice (aswell as the healthpacks nobody uses), your passive where you see low targets is useless thanks to no voice again, which basicially leaves you only with your teleport (which can be destroyed).

This is MY OPINION if someone else has other views on this so be it.