[EU] Look for players to join casual Overwatch team



My name is Rogier (Houndyr) and I would like to create a competitive overwatch team for console (PS4)

I’m from the Netherlands but I think it’s really hard to form a dutch team so I’m trying to find people within the EU (because of timezones and playtime)… As mentioned in the title I want to start as a (semi) casual team. But it comes with the whole package. (name, logo, weekly play schedule).

Why do you need?

  • age 16 or older.
  • a mic.
  • don’t ragequit or get mad really fast.
  • Being able to understand that people have to learn from mistakes.
  • Being able to play at least once a week. (There will be a regular training day)
  • Theres no minimal rank, but you have to be able to learn from mistakes. You do have to be able to aim “okay-ish”.

So, do you wanna step up your overwatch-game and want to play in a team? Let me know what your main role is and I’ll hit you up!


Are you still looking for players?