(EU) Red Unicorns Gaming Community


Hey everyone,

we are a chilled gaming community with clans in world of tanks, world of warships and a newly founded Blizzard Games section. We have an affiliation with a WoW guild called Dark Entity (alliance). However, we are focusing now on growing the Overwatch part, but the other Blizzard games are played as well.

There will be more events in the future, like 3v3 or other custom game modes. Feel free to join us for the fun. :muscle: :smile:

You can find us over here on discord: discord.gg/KA8g53J

If you are running into problems with the link or if you have any questions, feel free to add my battletag on (DemonicSouls#21626) or (saphirablue#21236) or find me on Discord DemonicSouls#5043 or BB#0849