Every game has a thrower in it

You really can’t tell me that this is normal matchmaking at this point.
Game1: My Lucio scating to enemy base to die - 15 deaths
Game2: My Sombra dealing 3000damage in the hole game while everyone else had around 10k
Game3: My Tank has 2kills and 12deaths
etc etc etc


Could be people that have been placed into the wrong elo.

If that lucio really hindered the game and didn’t have the damage and elims to make up for it, report for gameplay sabotage.

But i do think those poor people were just placed in the wrong match and it’s not specifically about you.

Why does everyone here defend the Overwatch matchmaking when so many people are complaining about it?

I only said that the people you complained about were just as much victims as you were. Like the tank.

They didn’t choose to be placed in a match where they get so badly outplayed.