Evidence of Broken Matchmaking - D2 tank vs Plat1 tank

Just had a completely one sided game.
It looks like matchmaker is actually broken in terms of how it’s matching to each role. It’s usually hard to see because Blizzard decided to hide profiles - likely to hide mismatches!!!

My game just had a Plat1 tank and a Diamon2 tank. D2 had over 40 kills 13k damage, to my tanks 4k dmg…

It’s evident here that the matchmaker is broken.

Not so long ago Blizzard announced comms to arrange teams by DPS/Tank/Support, so there is no mismatch - clearly this is another lie!

#Blizzard #Admins - reach out to me if you want the replay code, else just look back at my match minutes ago from this post being created via the data you apparently capture.

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Id say 75% of my ranked games are stomp or be stomped, its incredibly rare to have a match where both teams are well matched. Something has to be done about matchmaking and the ranking system in general.

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#Blizzard - any response to this at all?

Hello? Any response to this?