External software has acquired some video resources from Overwatch crash

This is the error I get when the game crashes: “External software has acquired some video resources from Overwatch, which can often cause problems with the game. Please consider closing any video capture or overlay software that might be running.” I have checked that there was no capture or overlay software running multiple times. I have no idea how to fix this. I have tried reinstalling and it didnt help.


I also have the same issue, at least I want to know whether it’s my pc or it’s the game’s problem.

In the very vast majority of cases we have seen the error message is accurate - this error basically only occurs if something else “hijacks” the video driver, in turn blocking Overwatch from accessing said driver.

The “usual suspects” for this are indeed most overlay and video-capturing tools, which includes popular applications like Discord, Overwolf, Nahimic, OBS… it’d be a good idea to make sure none of that is running. :slight_smile:

So streaming OW2 isn’t a priority? Also having this issue.

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frustrating that after all these years they can’t figure out a way to run the game while streaming. upsetting that i get penalized and suspended because the awful game crashes and can’t work with discord. i shouldn’t have redownloaded. i perfer finding a better more balanced game that i can play and stream with friends. :slight_smile:

I am having this error and I use none of those applications. I am also on a 4090, so I am concerned about this error. The only application I have running while playing is YouTube for music. However, it might be my 13900k.