False reporting

Just been in a comp game where my wifi randomly disconnected which doesnt happen often at all, i rejoin back and a guy called analogic#2214 is telling everyone to report me for trolling because i lag’d out and when i rejoined (mercy main) i kept getting spawn camped by sombra and teabagged. He was telling everyone to report me and i know overwatch is toxic but ive never seen that? He was also rushing into 1v4’s as bridgette (silver 2). I’m stuck on a comm ban for 14 days because i said “mercy diff” so i couldnt even correct his accusations. Will i get banned?

Don’t worry about it.

They can all report you, it’ll only count as 1 report. If you aren’t being a nuisance after you’ll never be touched.

It happens a lot, especially when you play a hero they don’t like. Best thing is to ignore them, mute them and just play your game doing the best you can to win even when they are throwing the game. So don’t type back because you are going to get tilted by how creative they are with their lies and false accusations.

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