[Feedback] Beta/Release Veteran, now quitting Competitive entirely


I’m sure there’s mixed reviews about the recent 2-2-2 deployment, and while this is not another thread complaining about the fact 2-2-2 has been deployed, I actually applaud it. This thread is unfortunately just another one to add to the giant list of people who are unhappy with certain states of this game and are quitting or demanding action from you Blizzard.

2-2-2 was a smart move, I wholeheartedly agree with it and think I understand why it was necessary considering the impact eSports and Pro players has had on the state of the meta has been far less than satisfying, but then again that’s no surprise. Everyone wants to be good at the game right?

Being a veteran player since Beta and on from Release, it is unfortunate that I am quitting all competitive efforts in Overwatch for the following reasons.

  • When it comes to hero design, I honestly believe the first steps of the process would involve the development team all huddling around in a nice circle in the studio and asked to pick few words out of a hat. A little similar to how they pitch Game Jams, it’s like like: “Giant Fist / Huge Knock Ups / Global Ultimate”. (Yes, I am referring to Doomfist there)

Doomfist is not a popular hero as far as balance and gameplay are concerned, while I do like the story evolving around him, his mechanics and his design I find are just the most ridiculously imbalanced and annoying thing to play against. He is first on the list of my most hated heroes, with Sigma being second in that line. But I digress, Doomfist is NOT why I am quitting competitive efforts in Overwatch, neither is Sigma. These were just hail mary’s trying to get the developer team to realise that the current state of balance is disgusting and the hitscan or projectile DPS might as well be irrelevant in the game when they go against the likes of double shield comps.

Honestly Blizzard, I believed you had it when you were designing Ana, Ashe, Sombra, Orisa and Baptiste. They all brought something truly unique to the game that it didn’t already have. But Doomfist and Sigma? They don’t bring anything but irritation to this game if you ask me. Orisa was ok when it was just Orisa, but now we’re faced with a forced 2-2-2 and all I ever see is Orisa/Sigma. Orisa had her annoyances, she was -the- tank that always had a shield when you needed it.

She was not unbeatable by herself, but now you’ve introduced TWO tanks that possess an irritating amount of shields which is honestly just not that fun to compete against anymore. Double shields, this pretty much forces Doomfist and Symmetra into play and makes any hit-scan or projectile DPS useless unless you’re some top 500 with a team that knows how to peel for you.

I thought I’d give you time but I’m not even seeing any sign of a proper balance patch to address the meta or heroes for 2-2-2 right now. So far all I see is:

  • Nerfed Brigitte to the point of no return.

  • Tickled Sigma’s damage when if you ask me, you should be looking at a limit to how often he can reposition his shield, because you just cannot touch him at range or up close with his ridiculous damage.

  • Touched Zarya’s damage and beam when if anything I feel like she and Reinhardt seriously need to come back in a big way.

  • Not done a SINGLE thing to Orisa in light of Sigma now becoming rather mainstream in the meta. Don’t you just love metas?

  • No response on the terrible state of double shields and how it is forcing DPS players to basically main Doomfist/Symmetra/Mei or go enjoy Arcade.

Moving forward, I wanted to share a sample of a competitive game I had yesterday:

Hollywood attackers. The enemy Defenders had:

Orisa, Sigma, Symmetra, Bastion, Baptiste and Mercy.

To make it worse, they were all holding on the top of the café just above the first point in the courtyard.

Widowmaker (my main) was useless with double shields, one holding each side. And if you’re familiar with the part of the map I am referring to, then you’ll know that flanking is just impossible here. The same terms would apply to Hanzo/Ashe/McCree (my go-to’s when Widow isn’t working), completely useless so bye-bye DPS.

The other guy on my team playing Doomfist couldn’t even get within 5 meters of the defending team unless he had an ultimate, and even then he was unable kill anybody because Baptiste just throws that E and nothing happens :slight_smile: and then you have Mercy to revive just in case someone falls. Mei to make all flanking irrelevant and Symmetra just being the pain in the *** she usually is.


The enemy team composition combined with their positioning on the map pretty much made them unbeatable without a super coordinated team at your side. Good luck finding that outside of premade groups in solo queue.

Your balance is absolutely off the hook Blizzard, arguably I prefered Classic Quick Play than this, because at least you could sum up a composition that actually HAS more than a 1-5% probability of beating that nasty bunker defense back. The entire game was non-stop complaints about the balance and I am far from the only one.

WoW Classic? You’d better add Overwatch Classic onto that list I think >.> after Sigma, this game just went totally down hill. I dread to think of what the next hero could possibly do to harm the game’s balance even more. Stop rushing content and focus on stabilizing what you have already got on your plate.

Why not stop, think a bit longer, and really evaluate what each of your new heroes will offer to the game before just setting them loose. I believe Sigma was truly a mistake and another hero should have taken his place. Overwatch’s heroes are blessed by bringing something NEW to the game that wasn’t already there. While yes, Sigma really does have potential and brings a lot of new to the game, the shield spam is ridiculous and needs to be addressed because right now he might as well just be considered a second Orisa elevated kill potential.

You know the most important thing a developer should always be doing, and believe it or not it’s the reason most of AAA is a capitalist infested toilet bowl right now. The answer is listen to your community.

Top hero requests dating back since 2017!

  1. Where is Junker Queen?
  2. Rumors suggesting Gerrard Lacroix could be alive? Still hyped for that one personally.
  3. Where is Echo?
  4. Where is the mysterious guy at the end of Storm Rising’s event cinematic, the omnic that was communing with Doomfist?

So the bottom line here is that I am quitting Competitive because the balance is in the worst state imaginable and unless it is addressed properly, I will not take this game as seriously or passionately as I used to.

I hope you start improving standards soon Blizzard.


I agree. The most frustrating part is that Blizzard isn’t responding to anything. It seems to me that they are focused on something else. Maybe the Overwatch League, maybe another game, probably more ways to make money. To me it just seems like they’ve given up on the game and its community and I’m surprised the community hasn’t done the same yet. I’m not saying they have to make big updates every week showing us what they’re working on but just small signs to show that they actually care about the game and its community.


I think even more frustrating is, that you get no relevant feedback from relevant people in these forums, maybe on US one (saw one post moved from here to NA forum, where there is also DEV tracker and more features than here is seems :)? I asked if this one is supervised and no-one responded. It would suffice something like, we are taking your feedback into consideration and will get back to you with what we think would improve the situation :slight_smile:


Blizzard will never look at this forum. The US one has a much higber chance of them seeing stuff.

I just want them to actually do something with the lore.


All good points again, thank you for the support friends. Everyone knows they don’t care about EU so no surprise.


Almost every hero introduced since Ana has made the game worse in my opinion. All bar Ashe are awful to play against.


Playing from season one with 1 top500 hit and then i was + - 4300 ~~ in close to all seasons till season 8 .
I totally agree with your words .
Game is an absolute tr*ash right now ! For the entire game i was playing tanks in comp and i have to say that double shield meta is so annoying even for tank main player . I couldn’t even pick Zarya in prev patch cuz everyone on 4k + was flaming me for pickint Zarya . You nerfed Zarya . Why would you do that ? In what world was she OP ? Let’s forget about this character unless you will change your mind in next 5 seasons and maybe decide to buff her .
I agree that Symm damage outcome wasn’t fine but it wasn’t hard to try to fix her in other way . For instance when she hits a sheild she got no charge to her beam and fix her damage a little bit .
I won’t comment about DF cleavage because i got no words to describe this character . I bet that one of the DEVs is doom OTP . I bet he nerfed Sombra couple of patches ago to make DF the BEST character in game .
Hog is garbage by any means ! You simply cannot deal with the amount of shields !
Hammond is very well designed character but due to superior shield tanks he is garbage too ! There is no way to play hammond against shields + pull from Orisa .
Winston is garbage too ! He does nothing in this game .
Rein is close to Winston - both are garbage against Sigma and Orisa .
DVA is really bad compared to Sigma Orisa .
Ana is questionable now but playable .
Baptiste can be played cuz he is great against double shields and good vs bunker .
Brigg is below average but still playable in current meta .
All snipers are struggling vs shields . In high games it’s easier cuz they can flank , but you making game for low levels and they can’t !
Bastion is always be fun hero . Don’t think you will ever bring him in serious game unless it’s Junker’s town .
Tracer , Sombra , Junkrat , Soldier (the worst character in game) , Cree , Genji , Torb - All this characters got NOTHING against shields .
I know that army of 3k guys will come now to say their own game balance , but you guys have to learn how to play before do that .
Game always had huge problems , but now it’s dead !

Forgot to say about epic matchmaking where i fight with 3300 players from previous seasons who ocasionally hit 3700 in this season .


Thank you for giving your feedback, it’s reassuring to see a person who has been up there in the top 500’s is struggling from the same problems we all are further below. I have completely given up DPS because it’s all down to luck in the end, luck that you get that one game where the tanks make too many mistakes, or simply don’t play double shields.

Either you get lucky and have that one in a million good game with Widow or Hanzo/Ashe, OR you main Doomfist/Mei :confused: and almost every game is just normal for you.

Honestly I think they rushed this Role Queue too quickly and should have stepped back and really considered the impact it would have had on every hero, rebalanced every hero back down to a manner where 2-2-2 is acceptable. I don’t appreciate you using the live community and our SR which we have worked hard to grind, as a “tester’s playing field” for your game balance experiments Blizzard. That’s what PTU is for, granted not many take it seriously, but that only means you need to test even harder.

Suggestion for more critical feedback on your PTU sessions!

Scrap the PTU entirely and introduce a brand new game mode just like you did on StarCraft. This game mode will be updated weekly or monthly with any changes you wish to test and best of all? They are right there, one click away from being accessible to the live community. That way nobody can completely hold it against you for making terrible balance decisions, and the entire community of Ranked play doesn’t have to suffer for it because the changes are being evaluated on an unofficial “mode” (not entirely different VERSION) of the game. Don’t tell me this can’t be done Jeff Kaplan! With your new Workshop mode (which is actually quite impressive!), there’s almost nothing we players cannot do with the game now, and you guys created that for us so what on earth stops you?

P.S - Add a feedback button to that game mode!

WISE UP BLIZZARD! Your game is slowly beginning to die because of poor hero design and balance!

Before I conclude, let me re-iterate that I am not slamming Role Queue, no no, I actually think it’s the best thing to happen to Overwatch along with the Workshop/Arcade mode, ever since the actual release of the game itself. I am slamming the balance, the state of every hero and how double shields or these bizarre compositions are destabilizing the game! Kill the meta and stop catering to the 1% that is GM or higher.