First game into an Overwatch - Leaver


Just jumped onto Overwatch, team playing initially well for the first 2mins.
Then the leaver occurs, he failed to rejoin, we lose - This for me happens far too often, therefore I and many other players have dropped SR when those games were fully winnable.

Some may say that this does even out over a season(s) however, I have probably been against only one other game where a leaver has occurred. Team Mates, should not bare the burden of a leaver in regards to their SR.

When will Blizzard sort this out?

Dota/CS:GO have introduced Timeouts/Pause functionalities within their games whereby if a leaver occurs, a timeout via server is started. Users also have the functionality to pause, this enables disconnections, to be able to reconnect…

These games also have a Reliability Queing system/Trust Factor whereby if you’re constant leaver for instance, you are placed in this group for say 10 games that you must play throughout, where they are also matchmaked with similar player who may left their previous games/griefed etc.

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They view ranked as a season, not one off games.

As annoying as leavers are, they don’t really impact your season at all. Just the odd game here and there.