First game into dps this afternoon, a leaver

First game into dps this afternoon, a leaver
Can’t believe its still happening :smiley:

I can’t believe it’s another leaver that doesn’t actually offer anything constructive.

What do you want people to do?

And it will keep happening.
Two people rage-quit because I boop’ed them out of a ledge in the first 30sec of the game, lol

It’s the type of people who don’t belong in team based games because they rage out of their own stupidity, but they don’t understand that they are the problem, so they keep repeating the same mistakes over, and over while other player suffers.

IMHO, if someone is a common rage quitter, he should be perma banned from comp.
It’s the only way to solve this issue.

If they are a persistent leaver they will get banned.

If people call other players stupid. They should also be punished accordingly.

see previous recommendations of on other posts.

I’ve read many recommendations from many people.

Still waiting for one that is good, logical, and harder to exploit than what’s currently in place.