Fix value gain of Pharmercy

This combo gives way too much value compared to the effort required by the other team to counter it. Not even starting about being forced to look upwards so you can’t keep an eye on that Hog anymore etc.
As some other posting here pointed out sometimes you even have to switch multiple heroes as just one S76 is not enough to counter this combo, and people are forced into very specific heroes that they maybe don’t really want to play - and this happens way too often.
So yeah, you can counter it, but it just costs way too much, this needs adressing.

A single dps focusing purely on the pharah in the sky is usually enough to render the hero pretty useless but if your tank is the one who has to focus her then you’re the underdog.
Any dps with good range with primary or secondary attack is good enough to keep the pharah distracted for your team to kill the rest.

Too many times a pharah comp wins against my team because i find myself (as a tank) being the only one focusing the pharah. Even a widowmaker can get just as much done as a pharah can. You just don’t give them room to breath and they’re no use anymore. (With widow though. If their placement is poor you can just ignore them and stay behind walls)

There is the problem that many people can play pharmercy but way to few can play Widow well enough.
A soldier works well against pharah, but not against parah+mercy. The pharah can’t get punished by him effectively because of the mercy and kills him with just 2x splash damage (because of mercy’s boost), direct hit not needed. Soldier’s heal field cannot help mitigate, so one of his abilities is even useless.

Yes, if you change that to Mercy instead of Pharah.

Kill Mercy, the fight is won.

There are enough widow in higher tiers who can take out phara mercy combo .heck even junkrat can easily take them on .

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Mercy + echo is a good counter to the pharmacy. Considering they also have to devote two hero’s to have a good comp, it is to expected that you also need to change at least 2 hero’s to counter.

Good counters to a pharmacy: Dva, Mercy + echo / any hitscan, widow.

You indeed cannot ignore a pharmacy but if your team cannot handle it, they dissurve the win.