Friendly established EU team recruiting tanks & supports [2700-3300SR]


Hi there, thanks for reading!

True Ascension is a relatively small casual-competitive team who have gradually climbed from Silver/Gold to Plat/Diamond over the past 4 seasons. Most of us are based in the UK. We’re always looking for new players - specifically tank & supports mains. If you have a friend of a similar rank, bring them along too!

What we want from you:

  • Be able to play with the team at least a couple of times per week, including scrims where possible (normally organised for a weekday evening)
  • Consistent & reliable plays in game
  • Plenty of experience in your chosen role(s) - ideally 50+ hours in competitive
  • Record your gameplay to improve team synergy (preferred but NOT REQUIRED)
  • Past team experience (preferred but NOT REQUIRED)

What you can expect from us:

  • Nice friendly people who win together and lose together without blame. We also sometimes play weird custom games or other silly PS4 games to build team spirit (totally optional).
  • Democracy. We are clear that we have no leader (though we have 5 “admins” who keep things running) so everyone’s voice is heard.
  • DPS players who actually kill things! (LOL)
  • Tank players who actually protect you!
  • Supports who actually have your back!

We’re really proud of what we’ve built up here and we’d love for you to be a part of it!

Message me on Discord to let me know you’re interested: LewisAndJess#8787
Or you can leave a message here and I’ll try to contact you on PSN. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi Lewis,

Your ad is for players over 2700… but would you be willing to accept 2627 (70 points shy).

I’m a support player, but do play tank when needed as well. If interested, psn is



Hello, would you accept in your team 3 high diamond, low master. We’re playing, tank, support and hitscan.
My psn: lakoumisterm
Thank you