Full premade team with friends, can't play really?

I honestly don’t get it, why can every other game devs create a ranking system that allows friends to play with each other without having to worry about being too low/high rank compared to your friends when you have a full team?
I hoped they’d fix the old ranking system in this “new” release, but nope it’s the same with a worse rank-up system.
We play this game for fun, but can’t even enjoy that once one person has played “too much” on their own. Like really Blizzard? Get this fixed already please.

This was the reason we all quit playing Overwatch 1 as well…

Why not play QP then? I mean you’re saying you wanna have fun, QP is fun but it’s not ranked

And even if they would be able to balance it and find a good match for you guys to play vs another 5 stack. The queue time would be hours.

Would you be prepared to wait 75mins for every game for it to be balanced?

The reason we don’t play QP is cause it lacks an incentive, we like being able to see progress. There’s also no reason for 75min queues, they could just do like other games where the highest ranking player in the group sets the rank that we’d be queuing up against. If you then say “Why queue when you’d just get ruined by the other team cause they’d all be higher ranks?” We’re all in the same rank ranges, it just sucks each season when someone would have to solo queue to get a rank-up cause they placed lower.
TL;DR; It’s better to actually have an option than none at all.

Blizzard have always been dated in how they manage matchmaking - why expect anything different to them now following OW2?

Be thankful it sort of works lol.

Wish they would seek inspiration from other competitive games though.

What other games and that make system fair?
League of Legends and Valorant (who are like the top 2 competivive games rn) uses the same system, if there are more than 2 or 3 divisions of diference you can’t premade.

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I think a cool option would be something like comp for 5 stacks / mini tournaments , maybe being able to create a team with friends or something similar. That would solve this problem. If there aren’t enough players they could set a specific day/time when you can queue for it.

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I think it works in CSGO. It’s the same as OW unless you’re in a full 5-stack, then ranking doesn’t matter.

But my knowledge on this is like 3 years old.