[gamemode] doomfist sumo v3.4

The Mode got quite popular so I decided to post it here and get some more feedback and opinions on the mode. I keep the Mode updated, fix bugs and keep adding new features.

Doomfist sumo by Crebos CODE: 9G11W
Idea by Caluminium
Goal: Kick everyone out of the Platform to win the round
Abilities cool downs are set to 60% and rocket punch is 140% knock back
rocket punch and uppercut normally allowed
when 2 players left: seismic slam (with 2 secs stun) and ultimate (with 3 secs knockdown) get enabled

When the game starts all players get into the lobby first
Interact with the Menu bubbles with standing inside and pressing F (Interact button)
There the host Player can select between normal Mode and Team Mode
To the right he can select different Score-To-Win types
Then he/she can start the game (with standard settings when nothing else gets selected)

While in game the Host player can press CTRL + F (Crouch + Interact) then in the next round you’ll come back to the menu
To display the Killing-Sphere hold Space + F (Jump + Interact) for more then 1 second (to turn off do the same) -> in order for it to work you have to be alive!
On infinite Mode the Score is the win-rate
On Score-To-Win Mode the Score is the amount of rounds Won

Everyone fights everyone and the last living player wins the round

Teams of 2 Players will be formed and they have to fight all other Players together
You can hit and move your teammate but not stun (with e) or knockdown (with ult) him/her
The game is over when only one Team is alive (either both are alive or just one of the two)
It gets buggy when there are less then 4 players so don’t do it please xD

On standard the game is set to infinite (none will ever win the whole game, just rounds)
If you want to play to a certain amount of points (Score to Win)
then you can increase or decrease the amount of points to be played (add 10, subtract 10)
To play to infinite again press infinite bubble
The first Player to reach the amount of points set wins the whole game

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