Genji is getting nerfed

He is being “toned down” as they believe the changes went too far.


But it got me thinking. If they admit they went too far and need to nerf someone… why not remove them from the game til the nerfs come.

In theory, they are admiting they broke him… so take him out so silver genji players don’t get boosted.

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He isn’t broken at all. If you nerf him too hard he becomes useless again. The only thing that is wrong with him is his ult charge.

That and his ability to do long range damage. and that his ult can’t be stun cancelled (that ones a personal gripe tbf… I think all ults should be able to be stun cancelled).

You can literally kill him during the ult animation, why would you need to stun cancel his ult? There are many counters to deal with his ult: grav, shatter, sleep, stun , immortality field, BOB, sombra hack , lucio beat, transcendence , boops etc.

You can kill soldier during his ult…

Still annoying that you can’t stun him out of it, but you can stun Cree out of his.

It isn’t about what it “easy” to do. It if just about consistency. An action should have a reward if pulled off correctly.

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