Getting banned due to applying update

The issue is in the game and not our fault this is happening. The game is showing up to date and yet still you get a message ‘‘Applying updates’’ which now caused me to receive a ban. Please can this be fixed and the ban removed.

Thank you

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I had this exact issues a few months ago.
I had zero response by Blizzard on this one. They’re absolutely hopeless.

It’s quite likely Blizzard either are no longer supporting EU players, or they have employed incompetent employees since the 2016-18 days.

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Neither of these are true.

Have you evidence that these aren’t true? Can you provide the many posts where Admins have recently responded to peoples issues/queries?

I’ve seen many technical posts that have gone unchecked. Posts I have made have gone unresponded. Where is your evidence?

Have you proof to back your claims that they aren’t supporting EU player and evidence of their HR policies??

Didn’t think so. Because you’re using hyperbolic statements for impact.

That’s probably because your “problems” weren’t worth the time. Based on your complaints history.

Btw, proof they are working in the EU forums. They are merging threads, they’ll clearly answer when it’s an actual issue that requires their response.

My problem clearly was worth their time as they have made a huge merging of threads for my exact issue - which you kindly linked here.

It’s good to see them finally starting to repond to users and keeping them up to date. It’s only taken them months to do so.

You need to give me time to answer before thinking that I’ve answered.

I don’t have to give you anything.

Why not? Fine, don’t answer me.

I just got this bug.

Took it as my call to stop playing and I’ll get a slightly easier game next time I play. Win win.