Griefer List for players ruining competitive


Allow us to report players for throwing, delibrate de-ranking, smurfing, repeat/intentional leavers. You don’t have to “ban” them put them on a “griefers list” they will be prioritised to be matched together instead of with the rest of the community that tries. If someone leaves multiple matches they automatically go on this list until they actually play enough straight games to be put back into the actual community. Same with if someone recieves an alarming amount of reports

I feel like Blizzard is reluctant to ban players that we all know throw games deliberately because for some reason they think they are cool to throw in lower ranks just because maybe they can’t get out of their higher rank because they are a turd.

Role Queue has made ranked more tolerable but we still have the turds that leave games after first point, those that sit in spawn or at the enemy spawn and don’t move, sometimes I get them do zilch all game and then only pull off a 1 shot ult wipe the enemy then go back to standing still demonstrating they are doing it on purpose like its funny.

Smurfing some says its not a thing but on console yes it most definitely is, were not talking about someone who legit plays a second account at the rank intended but those that deliberately keep their rank low so they can stomp lower ranks


Though i agree how can you prove someone is smurfing?

I know its obvious at times but it would still have to be proven.


Its not about proving someones a smurf obviously if enough reports are made about a player there may genuinely be a problem this could be the games the smurf throws. Enough reports they get placed into games with a group of players doing the same thing.

For instance theres a dps duo atm as I try and play my support rank continuously throwing matches took me a little bit to figure out what they were doing originally I thought they were bad but they are higher ranks throwing 50% of the match to stomp in Bronze+silver one plays soldier the other doomfist and they spend most of the match camping the enemy spawn at certain points they dissapear from the match entirely if your team wises up and regroups when they die and deals with them they both have very precise attacks and after looking at the soldiers profile its level 29 so a new account which means smurf. Its not fair to either players on their team or against them being locked into support theres not much u can do into a double team dps when both tank+dps ignore them coming out of spawn, theres not much you can do if they are on your own team and ignore objective leaving you in a 4v6 fight with no dps i have witnessed this versing them and we were ahead that 2 of their team didn’t even leave spawn if they don’t win games they don’t go up in rank I have reported them but Blizzard does nothing about this.


Multiple account connections from same IP in short period of time? => suspicious list, multiple disconnections during the match using these accounts? => 1 month ban on all. You just need to know patterns how it gets abused and either disallow it or if it would negatively impact all, just monitor it and take action based on some solid rules.