Hacking soldier?

Look at this guy called ‘yofun’ in the second round. Why does he have 0 recoil?

When the game started he was joking telling people to report his friend playing Ana in his premade for hacking. Very sus.

Here’s the replay code… 1VEVJT

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I’ll have a nosy in a sec.

Just an aside: try not to name players directly as it can come under Blizz’s anti-‘name and shame’ policy. Say something like ‘soldier on team 2’ (or wherever they are.)

EDIT: If they are cheating, I can’t see it. What I do see are the healers hard pocketing them. So every shot is damage boosted and they are constantly getting the nano for their ults. I have looked at the entire game from start to finish and I’m seeing their aim wobble as they adjust it to track their targets.

I think they’re just better with track aim than sniping. However, you must go with whatever you believe, if you still think they’re aimhacking then put in a report and let Blizz investigate it.

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Just watched and thought the same.

Me I wouldn’t report, but if you’re unsure always report it and let Blizz do their thing.

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