Hanzo has auto aim arrows? (my video)


My gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6S3fK4revg

I’m shocked.

I have already created a theme that it is very hard to play Wrecking Ball
because of Hanzo. He deals 420 damage in 1.8 seconds using storm arrows and now I understand why he does not miss.

This is really funny.

Huge damage
Permanent spam
Random headshots
Super mobility
Noiseless shots
Ultimate every 20-30 seconds

And auto aim arrows, cool. Thank you Blizzard


It cant be autoaim because he clearly missed the last one. Don’t know why they looked like this, probably has to do with 3rd person perspective and the hit boxes.


Just your boi Hanzo showing Widowmaker how to aim.


lol) Now Hanzomainer will come and tell you that this is a skill)


They look like this because they are projes and its p2p.
Like i don’t know how to explane it clearly.
But when Hanzo shoots an arrow, it needs to 1st hit you on his screen and then it will send the info to you that you are hit.
Like when he shoots you see it coming but if your hit by it, it matters only to Hanzo’s screen and not yours. Since he needs to send the first info.
And by the time you get the info that you are hit on your end, you are at a different location so it needs to correct the arc for some reason.
Kinda hard to to word… sorry hope you get it.
This gets worse the worse Hanzo’s internet is since he sends the info slower.
And it doesn’t always correct the arc sometimes it will looks like he misses you yet you’ll die.

The only thing that matters here is that, he shoots, the arrow is a proj so it takes time to travel, and when it hits it on his end, then it send the info to you that you are hit. When you and the proj are moving, you desync and the arrow rubber bands thanks to the p2p.


But if Hanzo’s internet is slower doesn’t that mean they’ll play worse anyway and wont be able to contribute that much even if their arrows are weirder?


It depends on how slow we are talking.
If his internet is so bad that he can’t move in game then yes.
But if Hanzo has 70-150 ping and the connection is constant meaning his movements won’t rubber band he can abuse this.
Like peak shooting will feel really off for the other team.
At their end they might be behind a wall and still die.
Ofc this gets worse if your internet download speed is bad as well but it mainly matters to the attacker/the one who kills 1st in real time.
You can have 10-20 ping, and a Hanzo or other Proj heroes like Mai can still kill you like this.
And only you see this arc, not the Hanzo or anyone else in that game.
Because that’s how it corrects the location you are hit at. It just shows you where you got hit, the arc is where you are on your side of the connection.


I play with 70 ping just fine. Its probably impossible to get more because I live far away from the official servers.


Well yeah, this can happen because server deley as well.
Since it takes time for you to send the info to the server and the server to send the info to the other player.

B is the place Hanzo hits you on his screen
C if the place you are by the time you get the info that you are hit by Hanzo.
This is the only clip i can’t explain that’s why i love it.

Widow wasn’t near the place Hanzo hits her. Since she’s not moving at all.


It’s animated latency.