Heavy FPS drops since ashe patch


I have recently upgraded my pc and with high hz monitor but i am experiencing heavy fps drops from 188 to 120 sometimes even under 100 ever since the ashe patch, all video settings on low. Now i am on a team and need to record my gameplay and when recording the drops are even worse. So bad that i cant play and record and im missing out on personal potential. I have tried everything that the low fps thread is suggesting but nothing works.
Win and drivers are up to date
Reinstalled and repaired the game
No unnecessary programs running
CPU temps 73 C
GPU temps 60 C

Here is my MSInfo


How long should i be prepared to wait for a reply by blizzard to my topic?

Hi Styerox,

You have several background applications running, many known to cause issues with our games. Please close all those programs your system does not need to function properly, overlays especially. If your system is overclocked (I see you have MSI Gaming App running), bring the clock speed back to default values.
I would recommend uninstalling all MSI software.

Please indicate the steps you already tried - FPS are a fairly common issue in a video game and there are several threads about it. I’m afraid I can’t tell what you tried and what not based on the information you provided.

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I have found the solution!

Firstly i tried uninstalling all msi software and eliminate unnessesary startup programs but that didnt help anything. But after switching to borderless windowed mode ingame that did the trick! I still have some 20 fps drops occasionally but that is much better than it used to. Anyway im happy as my biggest problem is now solved, and i can focus on the game more. Thank you