Help with Special Effects

I’ll make it quick. I have some experience fiddling with creating special effects and what not, but I’ve been having trouble getting THIS to happen…

How could I spawn a particle effect and have it “follow” the player?

Here’s the idea visually: The particle effect (a ball) is spawned on the ground, at feet level (or maybe it floats at chest height). When the player moves, the particle effect follows them, as if it’s being dragged around by a leash.

I’m thinking I would need to give the “ball” a variable that contains a world vector that chases a player variable(s). But I don’t know.

I’d appreciate any help.

Take a look how I did something like that you want to be: 2KP8Q.

You could put in position for effect a Vector. In X put X coordinate of event player. In Z put Z coordinate of event player. In Y add subtract Y position of event player and 2 (or appropriate number).

Make sure reevaluation is set enabled for position.