How do these people get into my games

I am currently gold 2, I just had a game that could have went either way and we eventually won, but only just, one of my team members had a “Diamond Challenger” name tag, so I guess I am being matched with Diamond players now…. no complaints there and I feel I performed reasonably well.

The very next game I had 2 DPS who are both level 1 endorsement and could’nt kill anything, I literally had both my DPS’s eliminations combined while not even trying to DPS.

How do you go from games with diamond level team mates straight into the very next game with 2 DPS that play like Bronze 5’s ?


Just ranked up to gold 1 after a winning streak and then got ‘instantly’ team diffed for the next games…fun times.

I expect a derank because of this streak of throwers on the next card , frustrating since I can’t control their characters for them and make them play well or not suicide. My performance on paper for those games will definitely look bad because it’s literally impossible to have a good game if your tank can’t stay alive for more than 2 seconds at a time while being pocket healed and is basically just suiciding.

So I will most likely get deranked, the matchmaking will decide I have had a big enough streak of noobs and give me diamond 1 tanks again and let me climb back up, that is normally what happens…

Like I had a diamond 1 tank and diamond DPS at gold 2, I RANK UP to gold 1 and then get suicidal tanks again, how does that even make sense ?


welcome to Blizzard’s clever, engaging matchmaking system


Just dropped me from over 60% winrate to 54% in one large streak of games that felt like bronze players vs masters with the odd winnable game in between to keep me happy.

Also had quite a few leavers/disconnects but I’m not sure if I can blame them on the matchmaker…

Slightly frustrating but If I get deranked on the next card I will just climb back again, it’s not like I didn’t get the same streaks of throwers/one sided games in bronze,silver,gold that set me back a little bit… It’s just part of the game now.

The competitive matchmaking rn is like the meme our team vs their team meme… U get steamrolled every match :frowning:

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The steamrolls seem to just happen randomly in streaks and then stop, bad luck or by design ? not exactly sure tbh.

I still have a decent winrate overall so I can’t exactly complain too much (even tho I do) but I feel like I am fighting with the system to maintain it and the system doesn’t seem to want to play fair…

The game averages out skill in matches leading to low skill players being put in too high skill matches to “balance” the game. Just as fun as you would think. GG go next, Blizzard decided you should lose.

Had exactly the same scenario as you Bowen.
Multiple win streaks, to then being placed with zero dmg dps, teams with no comms etc etc - then ranked back down.

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Actually blizzard is looking for the most unpredictable match possible. The 50/50 game.

And with a change to role matched MMR, out should get that more often.

Rank system is setup to force a 50% win rate (kinda). This is why one game you get a diamond player in your team and the other you get completely useless players in your game so you would lose. This is the same principle as in OW1.

In season 1 of OW2 this was not soo much the case and the whole OW community started crying and whining… So they reverted those improvements to keep everyone happy.

Basically now the rank symbol is meaningless depending on how many games you played. If you played a lot it will eventually become the correct one. The one thing they did a good job on is the MMR improvements though… MMR which is hidden, is actually the most important aspect about this rank system. But if it were not to be hidden, it would hurt the little feelings of most people in this community.

It is more profitable to have the bad players think there is something off with the rank system then to push into their faces that they aren’t as good as they think they are.

More hope for than force

Also, the 50/50 game is the most unpredictable game possible. Which is good matchmaking.

But to the rest, totally agree.

Just under half the games I play we completely dominate the enemy team with little resistance.

Just under half the games I play we get completely dominated by the enemy team with little resistance.

A small portion of the games I play feel equally matched, like the game could go either way.

Jesus, I should stop playing this game, the matchmaking is terrible…


The thing is, if they would actually make a good match making game, there would be a lot of whining from the community because all the bad players who don’t win 50% would come to the forum claiming how bad the matchmaking system is (season 1 of OW2 was like that). No one in the overwatch community can say that they are the bad player and thus the reason of the losses… It will always be the team that is the issue.

That’s exactly what is happening now…

People in silver who can’t win games playing Moira and Hog crying the “matchmaker is bad”.

Some people are always more easily insulted than others, quite often by nothing as well. (Since it is perfectly doable to carry a game with moira in silver).

If they can’t seem to win any games, then i feel like they need more practise.

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Absolutely this.

If you can’t carry games as Moira bronze, silver and gold… You’re doing something very wrong.

Bronze and silver you can do it just by doing DPS.