How I know the ranked system is broken in new seasons

So I started Season 6 with a bang! Although last season I started at Plat 1, unfortunate to end up going down to the monstrosity matchmaking system to Silver 1, it sucks but I carry on because I don’t want to give up on what I created, Diamond 5 was my highest but this was another account.

Anyway, so I start S6 with 5 wins and 2 losses, I end up Silver 1 7%.
Unfortunate, but I can grind it out, it still astonishes me that it doesn’t even matter whether you win or lose when you do your “placements” despite the fact it shows your current ranking but in OW1 that wasn’t a feature, you didn’t know until you win 5 games.

So after another 5 games, I’m thinking to myself… Okay, I must have grown away from Silver by now, I win 5 games and lose 2 again, with 2 POTGs (I know this doesn’t give you any bonuses but I played well) so there’s no chance of staying silver right? Wrong! I end up Silver 1 74% higher than the rest. In what ranking system do you mess this up so bad? So at this point I am at 10 wins and 4 losses, 6 wins over. How and what is this absolute mess of a competitve ranking system supposed to give me any motivation on climbing? It really pains me to think I have to win a further 5 games without messing up and keep in mind between silver 1 and Gold 5 the majority of new players live here I believe.

I know from experience that older accounts have a tendency to be much harder to climb because my other accounts have no problem sticking to plat and diamond.
But seeing as this is my oldest account, I’m struggling hard but winning games? Yet sticking to the same rank? I get what Blizzard are trying to achieve here, they don’t want the old accounts to thrive, you may think I’m being silly in saying that but I believe it to be true. There’s a whole bunch of data from OW1 my MMR gets so messed up with diamond and plat players in my silver games it makes 0 sense.

Hopefully some of you have found this yourselves and had the same experience, some probably won’t agree with what I’ve said but it’s ridiculous how I have to win 15-20 games to get somewhere at the start of the season. Almost a big waste of time.

Likely the real reason why Blizzard have hidden the SR value as they have broken the SR system which controls what rank you’re at.

Their developers probably do not have the skills/knowledge on how to fix it, given the amount of defects that were first introduced in OW2 - or maybe their quality assurance is just non-existent, either way, issues begin from the code, unlikely from the requirements as this worked fine in the better OW.

nah its worse for me. i unfortunately placed Silver 4 after suffering a bad losing streak. Then my next time a played comp, i went 5/0, and guess where i placed. I went from Silver 4, to Silver 3!!! How do i go down after not getting a single loss???

You did go up. 5 is the lowest tier of all the ranks and you climb towards 1.

After reaching 1, you get to number 5 of the next tier.