How is my duo higher rank than me when we only duo

EXCUSE ME BUT HOW IS MY DUO PARTNER ONE WHOLE TIER ABOVE ME WHEN WE HAVE ONLY BEEN PLAYING TOGETHER. please respond fast (this is about mysteri heros competetive)

I’m unsure if there is such a thing as “mystery heroes competitive” but the differences between rank are relatively easy to explain.

Are you sure you two only ever play together? Your playing partner has never played quickplay or arcade modes without you?
If they have then the calculated mmr number they have could be higher than yours, which in turn would gently boost their rank.
That is the easiest explanation that could be the case.

The calculated number is also affected by a so called “on fire” state that you can trigger if you have enough eliminations, point capture/contest time, damage or healing in some combination or another.
I don’t know the specifics of that, but i do know it boosts your mmr.

Edit: oh wow, there actually is a mystery heroes comp now.