Hud text problem


I am trying to create a mode when a player press a button and it will create a hud text. The hud text will only be visible to that specific player. And the hud text will be removed when the player pressed another button. (P.S there are many different hud text in the mode)

The mode works perfectly fine when there is only one player. But problem occurs when there are more than one player.

When there are more than one player, those hud texts doesn’t show sometime and sometime some of them work fine. Some of the players can see the hud text, some of them don’t.

I have stored each hud text in separate player variable. And destroy the hud text using the stored player variable

I really couldn’t find the reason why the hud text doesn’t work when there are more than one player.

Please help. Thank you.

Could you copy a HUD Text and post it here as example ?