I am quitting after more than 1000 hours. Here's why


Because of smurfs. If your in diamond to high master’s i’m sure you will see at least one smurf every match. I just dropped 200 SR in a span of two days solely because the enemy team had more smurfs. It’s making this game kinda feel like a dice rolling simulator where you just hope at the start of every game the level 50 guy is on your team. I might come back when something is done about this problem but for now I think i’m done.


When you’re in diamond or higher we refer to ‘smurfs’ as good players


I feel ya. I am at the point where I seriously consider throwing the game when a smurf is on my time just to spite them which is not a good attitude.

Worst part is - it will get worse and worse. More regulars will leave, more smurfs will appear thanks to sales, eventually smurfs will occupy half of the spots on a team similar to how GM games look like.


Most smurfs are in Diamonds which ain’t really all that good. But the smurfs that fall to lower tiers are an issue for some players.

Only smurfs I hate are the ones who a clearly really a Master/Grand Master/Top 500.

I’m a Master myself but people who headshot without missing are annoying and many of the smurfs are snipers/damages.

Doesn’t make me quite the game though.


You do know that at that point they aren’t smurfs anymore, right ?


Umm yeah a level 25 tracer main whoooping the asses of diamond players, knowing whom to focus, knowing where health packs are, one cliping supports constantly along with knowing how to combo, positioning perfectly… can we just stop trying to demeen people’s experience just cause you feel like tossing a meaningless statement.

Ohh fyi kabaji top 500 tracer main said that plat/diamond is full with smurfs when he himself was smurfing…


When your team is full of diamonds and they have 4 diamonds and 2 top 500 people they enemy team will 101% win the game.


Shame blizzard couldn’t care less about smurfs, until the community makes an uproar about it and threatens the popularity of there game, not much will change, I still think we should have prime matchmaking, tie a phone number and pc to accounts, be so much better.


Smurfs = Money - thats why they are allowed.
Nothing will change.

Since the dawning of Online Shooters, players of higher skill seal bashed players of lower skill. Its not new. And people dealt with it.

In Overwatch -however- less skilled players are paired with higher skilled players in a match by an automated mmr which enforces the match under threat of punishment because it cannot deal with the smurf issue.

THAT is new.
THAT creates tremendous amounts of toxicity (which is then again kept down under threat of punishment).
THAT makes old players like you leave. Players who made Overwatch big.

Rest in peace.


Could be that you’re also a bit burnt-out and are looking for explanations other than having spent 1000 hours on the game. Take a break and come back, you’ll probably take it less seriously and enjoy it more then.


Wait a second…

Were talking about smurfs who play seriously, right?

Why is it a problem then?
Those smurfs play at their best performance and thus got their rank they deserved.

The level just causes you to underestimate the player and when that player outplays you, you call them out for being a smurf, complaining that it’s unfair.

But if the smurf plays at a similar skill level as you do, Why is it such a big problem then?

If that smurf plays with their main account, you’ll get the same result.

Jeff Kaplan said himself why smurfs (playing seriously) are not a problem:

Smurfing – and I know this isn’t what you want to hear – isn’t really that big of an issue. For example, a few weeks ago one of the Pro Overwatch players created a smurf account and was streaming from it. We were able to watch his MMR internally and compare it against his “main” account. Within 15 games, the MMR’s were equal. I know there is a very bad perception of Smurfing. But the reality is, skilled players are moved rapidly out of lower skill situations.



Thats completely wrong. Was it taken before personal performance was removed from diamond and above? Because right now a smurf can completely dominate the whole game in diamond and still get 25 points.

Suppose the smurf starts in diamond and wins 15 games in a row. He’d still be in diamond. That doesn’t count the numerous games they’ve ruined in gold and plat.


This has less to do with smurfing and more with the ranking system in general.

Wether you are a smurf or not, if you got better yet you are stuck in your rank then you would still have an easy game.

As long the smurf doesn’t play terribly to manipulate his MMR, smurfing is not a problem.


I guess having multiple games decided by which team has the smurf, or in some case 2 smurfs, is not a problem at all. After all we all like wasting our time with video games.


How can a game be decided by the placement of a smurf in a team?

I don’t understand the difference between a good smurf and good player, exept of the difference bewteen playtime.


Smurfing “issue” is overhyped by people who cant deal with being outplayed by better players.


This is basically my opinion, too.

As long noone can give a valid argument, it really seems to be just the frustration of being outplayed, no matter wether it’s a smurf or a main account.


when the enemy team have a smurf, your team also have a smurf. do youself a favor and stop cry with ur girly bs


Your problem is the same as the other people who think like you - you spend almost no time in competitive. Smurfs there dictate everything. Yesterday I had a game where a guy played torb pretty much by himself on the enemy team. We captured the points easily. Then on the next round he played seriously and the enemy captured the points easily, then the next round he decided to troll again and so on. The fun of 11 other people was decided by the whim of this person who also happened to be level 27.

So yea, you know nothing, you have no right to tell me or others who are frustrated by smurfs how they got it all wrong.

Also if you have a leaver the enemy will have a leaver too. Obviously.


Okay let me do it then.

I’ve been playing the game around a week after release, I’ve consistently hit Diamond and master for the last 10 seasons with about 200± hours in competitive. In that time the amount of smurfs that I have played against can be counted on my fingers.

The amount of times that you complain about trolls however is just ridiculous. Maybe if you stopped complaining and sucked it up every once in a while you’d be out of low diamond.