I cant win in this game

@Socforlife,Greetings,tip for you in the future,Overwatch 2 is upon us,play with friends,meet people,be nice,and game will be easy,better and more fun! Best of all in the future.

You guys see how you are the problem right? You’re the OPs bad team mates lol.

OP. I don’t think blaming your team is the way to go about winning games. Instead pick 1-3 heroes and practice with them, try to learn how to get impact with them without the rest of your team for backup. Improve your stats, try to die less and if your win-rate is 55% + you will climb in the long run.

If you’re getting so many losses in a row, are you perhaps on a new account? Or have come back to the game after a break? It could just be the system trying to find your current rank if that’s the case. I did try to take a look at your profile to see if I could give you any pointers but it’s private.

It is a long road though and you’re correct there are a lot of lop-sided games. The matchmaker isn’t great, but it is what it is, it’s not going to change so if that’s a problem I would suggest finding a different game.

Come play with us and you will win