I cant win in this game

Like i have been trying to grind the new sigma skin but this game cannot let me win. This is the worst matchmaking i have seen in a videogame , this is just unreal really. I am currently at 10 losses with 1 win and 8 wins to go to get the skin. How is this even possible and all the losses i have had were no contest games. We get insta stomped by people who are just x 10000000 better than my team. Like at this point i dont know how to farm the skin any suggestions winning is impossible


Play ranked instead of QP.

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How is that gonna help me get wins? competitive is bad but not nearly as bad. Currently at 12 losses and 2 wins. Is there a reason why am getting bad teammates nonstop?


In competitive people take it more seriously, it’s only reasonable that it would go much better there.

They’re not bad teammates, they just don’t try their best as in competitive.

They dont try their best? do they even have a best? I am currently 8 wins with 22 losses 1 more win and i can finally get the skin. This game has me at loss for words as to how bad it is and unbalanced. in those 22 losses 0 of them had any contention, we just got trashed


Do note that QP does not engage in active balancing.

It’s not as good as competitive matchmaking because otherwise queue times would go up.

Man lets be honest this game has gone to the trash can, even competitive has queue times which are so long. finally got the skin at 23 losses and 9 wins


Queue times are quite short for Tank and Support.

If you play quick play, you have to expect 80%+ of your games will be a complete clown fiesta.

Just the nature of the beast.

If you’d of just played ranked you’d of probably won at least 12 of those 32 games without really trying that hard.

To be honest i would be satisfied if the fights were like in a way not so one sided basically, like both teams had good players . That which put me off was the constant beating my team was experiencing cause the others were just better, like out of all those losses there wasnt one game which we actually put up a fight, they either got the points in 3-4 minutes or pushed the objective in 1 push and i was just sitting there dumbfounded as to how it could happen so many times consecutively

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The game is really just bad mate. Sadly most casual players left over a year ago. The rest of the people who still play this are pretty good at the game. The matchmaking is also inherently broken in every gamemode except ranked. But in ranked you get toxic players who yell at you if you are not good at the game.
I am not good at the game, but I get to play vs people who have an SR at 2500+ which is problematic. Also the game thinks that putting a level 267 guy vs a level 1522 guy is fair.
Just don’t play this seriously…


quickplay says on the game screen that it puts you against people “of equal skill” so it should engage in active balancing, else they have inherently lied in the game.

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Yeah i agree with you but its not about taking it seriously, i casually wanted to do some games to get the skin, but i had to go through a nightmare to do so. Thats my problem, and i am not saying it should be ez pz but atleast not get trashed about with no resistance. And what you said about casual players i agree something wrong with this game is basically its bad at brining new people at this point. If you have to go throuigh this i dont see a reason why


Yep, I only really jump in and play some mystery heroes in arcade with my buddy sometimes. Anything else and this game makes you feel incredibly bad real quick. Tried getting my last arcade wins today, lost 11 in a row, most of them I get spawncamped with my entire team and people say stuff like “we should really just wait the 2 minutes and get a new game” thats what the game has become, its laughable.

Yeah but you cant always wait those 2 mins and get a new game, basically 2 hours have gone by and your still getting clapped with no sign of winning

It does, on the basis of QP MMR.

This means GM’s that aren’t trying their best can end up in the same MMR category… resulting in people getting queue’d up like that.

It does not take SR at all into account, this is to prevent long queue times.

It’s quite equal skill balancing on a seperate MMR, though you just don’t know when someone is actually going to try their best so it’s not the best.

The system isn’t lying, it is indeed trying to balance you equally… though it’s just not as good as in Competitive.

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This game is full of smurfs - people that can’t beat people at their own level so they’ll farm scrubs like you and me.

Just keep rolling the dice, eventually you’ll find a game that only has 3 or 4 smurfs in it and you’ll have a chance to win.

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TBH i feel the same way, cant win… so ive actually been actively trying to loose x-D playing the least oppertune pics and just farting around…

its been alot of fun actually ROAD TO BRONZE baby…

if i cant win and be the best, might as well actively try to be the worst x-D

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100% agree with this post. Coming back from a 1 year break and have played 17 games today and won 2. Gold medals everygame and moments where I go “wow they cant mess this up now” - they do. This game has become unwinnable unless you are in a premade - for me anyway. Level 6 Mcrees hiding in a bush to ult. Something isnt right with matchmaking / smurfing anymore. Sad af because this WAS actually a fun game. Cant stay motivated to play a game where they cant even matchmake correctly


Doing the same here !! If they don’t give a …. And solve this game, let’s ruin it for everyone !! … at the end we all know there’s no ban