I feel like the OW servers are really holding workshop creators back

Right now, I’m working on a pretty ambitious and fairly complex game mode using the workshop. I’m keeping things as efficient as i can, removing effects when they’re not being used…etc but the server is struggling to support a game with 1 player and 5 bots, let alone the 10 players I’m hoping to make the game mode available for. I don’t feel like the game mode is so complex that it can’t be handled.

Its annoying because obviously blizzard can’t let me host my own server because of hacking concerns and their servers are just so weak. Better gamemodes can be made if blizz were able to come up with some solution to this issue. Maybe using more than just a single cpu?

Does anyone have any ideas of the actions that increase server load the most so i know what to avoid and make more efficient.

Blizzard if you’re listening - Better servers plz